eugene seah

Today, as part of Krozz’s special August feature, we have the huge privilege of catching up with Eugene Seah. Eugene is the Founder and Chief Coach at Trainium Academy, a boutique training institution that runs transformational workshops.

In this feature, Eugene shares with us what he has been up to recently and his thoughts on personal branding and dating. We hope you enjoy our feature with Eugene today!

Krozz: Hello Eugene! Can you tell us more about yourself and what you are doing?

Eugene Seah: I am essentially a dream chaser and dream maker.

My dream is to help others achieve their dreams through 3Ms:

  • Mindset transformation;
  • Mastery of life skills; and
  • Money management.

Krozz: We know you are Singapore’s leading personal branding expert and have advised many people when it comes to their professional branding. Tell us, can personal branding be applied to dating as well? If so, what should it be grounded on?

Eugene Seah: Yes, personal branding definitely can be and SHOULD be applied to dating.

To me, the core essence of a personal brand is TRUST.

Likewise, dating is all about trust. If trust is established, the date is considered successful. If trust is not established, the other party will not want to see you again.

In the context of dating, personal branding serves the purpose of building trust as quickly as possible. All long lasting relationships progress from knowing to liking, liking to trusting.

Krozz: How can one stay realistic while doing personal branding in the context of dating? For instance, if a guy thinks he is the most perfect guy on earth while being blind to his personal flaws, how would you advise him to do personal branding?

Eugene Seah: A personal brand must first and foremost be rooted in SUBSTANCE.

By substance, I mean a person’s attitude, skills and knowledge. If a person has a lot of blindspots and also not open-minded and humble enough to receive coaching, then no one on Earth can help him.

If he is humble and coachable, then there is hope to improve his Substance.

Krozz: What is the one tip you have for singles to come across as authentic in their personal branding?

eugene seah

Eugene Seah: Assuming that one has established his inner Substance (eg a positive attitude, the right relationship-building skills, and relevant knowledge that relates to the other party), then the next element of personal branding is STYLE.

In dating, Style refers mainly to your personality, which affects the way you dress, speak and carry yourself. Your style must be authentic.

If you are a casual person, then meet your date in a casual place and dress in a casual style. Your authentic style will attract the right person to you.

If you are inauthentic, then you end up attracting the wrong person, and the relationship will not last long.

Krozz: What is another tip you have for singles to inspire trust via their personal branding?

Eugene Seah: The 3rd element of personal branding is STORY.

During your dates, share inspirational stories about yourself, including your struggles and self-doubts, and how you managed to overcome them.

If it suits your personality, you can also share humorous and true stories. Such personal stories endear yourself to your date very quickly.

When told well, your stories also reveal your passion, values and attitude, and these are the most important foundation when choosing a life partner.

For a relationship to work, you definitely want to find someone who is similar to you in values and attitude.

Krozz: If someone is successful in their career, do you think they will still need any external help in dating since they are probably already capable? Why?

Eugene Seah: Success in career does NOT at all equate to success in personal relationships. The skills required to grow your career may not be the same set of skills as building lifelong relationships.

There’s little doubt that success in your career makes you more appealing to your date, but that only gives you an advantage for the first few minutes or hours. Beyond that, your date will be looking for something deeper. What drives you? What are your goals? How do you treat others? Are you an engaging conversationalist and a good listener?

If you are not confident in these areas, then you will definitely need external help. I will be very happy to help you with your 3S or 3M.

Krozz: Share with us your favorite quote on love and romance to inspire our readers!

Eugene Seah: When I was a lot younger and still single, my pastor told me: “To find a good person to marry, first BECOME the good person you want to marry.”

Focusing on self-improvement always works. Even if you can’t find a date, at least you end up a better person than before.

Krozz: On a parting note, do you have anything else to add?

Eugene Seah: Successful dating is a lot like successful networking. The key rule is to be INTERESTED rather than trying too hard to be interesting. When you are genuinely interested in your date’s life and passion, you will naturally become more attractive to him or her.

Being interested also means you will find ways to add value to him or her, instead of trying to get value. This makes you extremely sexy. Trust me on this : )

You may follow Eugene Seah on his website here. Photos courtesy of Eugene Seah and Alex Koh.