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Good morning everyone! Today we have the huge privilege of having Jaslyn Koh, founder of Broc & Bells, to kickstart the month with us. In this feature, Jaslyn tells us about her new wellness startup and smart tips for singles to date healthily. You can now Find Your SweatBuddy on

Enjoy the interview!

Wan Wei: Hello Jaslyn, can you tell us more about yourself and Broc & Bells?

Jaslyn (Broc & Bells): Hi Wan Wei! I’m Jaslyn, the founder of Broc & Bells (short for Broccoli & Dumbbells), a new wellness startup, alongside my teammates Bernardette and Jussi.

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I was previously working in investment banking and networking or meeting new people was often centered around copious amounts of drinks. When I started prioritizing my workouts and wellbeing activities, not only was I more productive, I also realized just how much better I could connect with new acquaintances or even potential business partners over a good workout. With higher energy levels from the endorphins that a healthy experience brings, it helps in identifying ways we can positively support one another, be it for work or our personal lives.

Now, my health, fitness & wellbeing (and of course, that occasional G&T) continue to be integral parts of my life, and I also seek a partner and friends that can connect with me on the same level.

In addition, travelling and embarking on new experiences is an important part of the team’s lives. The oftentimes tedious and dreary task of finding out where to go for good wholesome food or fitness classes when visiting new cities leaves much to be desired.

Broc & Bells was created to bring like-minded busy professionals and active travellers together over healthy pursuits and help ease the exploration of quality healthy options in cities. The platform aims to contribute to a healthier and less lonely society.

Wan Wei: Broc and Bells seems to be about networking, the healthy style. Do you think it is wise for singles to get to network during or after a workout together? Won’t they be all sweaty, smelly and self-conscious?

Jaslyn: We all know the beauty of endorphins a.k.a. ‘the natural high’, which trigger positive, feel-good feelings and serve as natural communication facilitators.

In fact, studies have also shown that, androstadienone, a chemical found in male sweat is known to boost women’s moods, and even enhance their arousal. Sweat right, sweat hard! Embrace it wisely. Leave your sweat for a prolonged period of time after exercising…and we all know how that goes (hint: B.O.).

For singles who may be looking for love (or even SweatBuddies looking to change up their workouts), we suggest trying out the upcoming ‘Swolemates’ experience, happening on Thursday evening, 19th Oct. Partner drills are incorporated into the session to encourage interactions, with a short mingling session after.

For sessions held on the weekends or with longer durations, we do our best to work with partners with showering facilities or change up the ‘sweat intensity’, such as including more mindfulness activities to keep that sweat game in check 😉 We strive to integrate these experiences seamlessly into your existing lifestyle & schedules!

Wan Wei: Can you share with us some interesting stories about couples who started dating after meeting at a workout session or eating healthy food? This can be funny, memorable, weird or touching stories.

broc and bells

Jaslyn: This goes to the sweetest couple in town – Victoria Martin and Bryan Tay!

They first met at a bbq, but that relationship blossomed when they next met at an indoor cycling class when Bryan was an instructor and Victoria, a rider. Subsequently, as they started dating, Victoria became an instructor at CruCycle, where Bryan came to ride for most of her classes. Bryan then trained to be an instructor at CruCycle as well.

Today, they are two of the most popular instructors at the studio and just got married earlier this year too!

Wan Wei: What are three fascinating healthy activities in Singapore you would recommend for an interesting date?


Activity No.#1: ‘Dark room’ workouts like Haus Athletics or CruCycle for the ‘club-like’ atmosphere and overall good vibes. One person’s workout or healthy living preferences can be very different from the next though – so discover the wellbeing experiences and find some that fit you (& your potential partner)!

Activities No. #2 & #3: Broc & Bells’ upcoming on-the-ground experiences: Swolemates (mentioned above) & City Tri (Oct 14, details to be released real soon!), co-led by our ambassadors – Nat & Josh.

Group settings with curated partner activities help build a fun, yet less intimidating environment to get to know one another. Workout and eat well.

Well, we had to include a shameless plug!

Wan Wei: We know that you’re also a founder of The Busy Woman Project. Can you give us three tips for a busy lady to have a fulfilling and successful love life? Sometimes busy ladies who want to be in a relationship do not even have time to date! Or maybe they can make time, but don’t know where and how to start dating…?

Jaslyn: I am a work in progress – my own with its fair share of ups and downs!

Haha…but here they are:

  • Know your needs and prioritize – if not being in a relationship is putting the other aspects of your life on hold or affecting your overall well being, then make the time to evaluate the options available to you (or perhaps, start questioning why this is so).

Whether it is through on the ground group experiences or online dating apps, you’ve got to understand your needs first and be open to trying the options that may cater to your needs.

  • Do not compromise your love life due to societal norms (i.e. the “shoulds”) – that “we should give birth by age xx” or that “we have to hurry find a partner now in order to get married by age xx” or that “it’s time to [get attached/married]…just because…[we’ve been together for 5 years/all my other girlfriends are doing so]”.
  • Be open and honest to yourself & your (current or potential) partner. Respect your partner’s opinions and give them the space to be open and honest to you too (still learning!).


Wan Wei: Let us have a quote to inspire ambitious men and women who are looking for love!

Jaslyn: For ambitious men & women who are keen to learn and improve – great news!

“The only real dating advice is self-improvement. Work on yourself. Conquer your anxieties. Resolve your shame. Take care of yourself and those who are important to you. Love yourself. Otherwise no one else will.” – Mark Manson

Wan Wei: On a parting note, do you have anything else to add?

Jaslyn: Looking for a SweatBuddy? All you have to do is to provide some details about yourself and we will pair you up with like-minded individuals based on your age, gender, location, fitness and lifestyle preferences.

broc and bells

In the months of October and November, we will be hosting a series of activation experiences in Singapore. Whether you are looking for love, to meet new friends, to change up your weekend routine, or to network with professionals in your industry, we’ve got something for you.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature. Do visit Broc & Bells today!

Photo Credits: Broc & Bells